JUNE 2019

24 june 2019

Jolly releases new album ‘Family’ on GlassVille Records.

Jolly, the alternative-progressive rock band from New York City have released their fourth full length album six years their previous effort.

‘Family’ is the result of over 3 years hard work and is supported by Patreon campaign. The album is available in a standard edition (US only) and a limited edition deluxe 2CD edition.

The band currently are touring Europe to promote the album.

24 june 2019

Yesterday we received the tragic news that Makis Tsamkosoglou, keyboardist of Mother of Millions, has passed away.

Our deepest sympathies are with his family, friends and of course band & crew of Mother of Millions.

Rest in Peace, Makis.

MAY 2019

24 may 2019

Painted Bass Int. announces new label and first signing.

We have great news for you all!

With Painted Bass growing as a company, we have made the decision to set up a label focussed on symphonic metal music only. The new label is called ‘Hell Fairy Records!’ And we are extremely happy to be able to announce the first signing to the label, the British symphonic metal band Serpentyne.
Serpentyne will release their fourth full length album “Angels of the Night” on 10th October, 2019 and will perform the music from the album for the very first time on the FemME festival in Hilvarenbeek on 12th October.

About Serpentyne:
Serpentyne was formed in London in 2010 by founder members Maggiebeth Sand and Mark Powell, inspired by a combination of Celtic, folk, and symphonic metal styles. After the release of two albums, based on medieval music themes, the third album “The Serpent’s Kiss” was released in 2016, featuring mythic & medieval themes as before, but heading towards a heavier rock and metal sound.
Serpentyne has been playing extensively around the UK and mainland Europe during the last 8 years. Most recently the band joined Tarja Turunen during the Ukraine and Belarus leg of her tour.
Serpentyne combine a unique mix of symphonic and folk metal styles, with themed songs about historical figures and legends, such as Boudicca, The Valkyries, Helen Of Troy, Jeanne d’ Arc, and The Dark Queen.
They have been compared to Tarja, Nightwish, Within Temptation and folk-metal artists Eluveitie, Corvus Corax and Saltatio Mortis.

About Hell Fairy Records:
Hell Fairy Records is a brand new label formed by Painted Bass Int., working closely with the FemME organisation and focussed completely on symphonic metal.
We will be bringing you exciting new symphonic metal music by providing maximum support to those new and upcoming bands which we believe will become the established artists of tomorrow.

20 may 2019

Live album of The Aurora Project released on 1 June, 2019

‘grey_world_live’ was recorded in 2017 and contains some unique adaptions of some song plus thrilling live versions from their last album, ‘Grey World Live’.

The digital version contains the complete albums with 3 extra bonus tracks. Those who order the CD  will receive the bonus tracks as well.

20 may 2019

Downriver Dead Men Go confirm new line-up.

The Dutch post-rock/americana band have added Menno Kolk on bass and Marcel Heijnen on drums to their line-up.  The band have announced the first gigs with their new line up.

3 may 2019

First music video from ‘Logica’ by Christiaan Bruins’ Inventions released.

 ‘Platonics’ is  the opening track of the album. A 2:30 instrumental overture might not be the obvious choice for a music video, but then again, why not?

APRIL 2019

29 apr 2019

Belgian rock band Beyond the Labyrinth announces the release of the EP ‘Brand New Start’.

The EP marks – as the title already revealed – a brand new start for the band that was formed in 1996. It contains 4 newly recorded tracks with their new vocalist Filip Lemmens.

The EP will be released as a luxury edition in a 3 panel digisleeve accompanied by a 16 page magazine. The release is scheduled for June 6, 2019.

‘Brand New Start’ is available for pre-order.

26 apr 2019

Han Uil releases his fourth solo album on June 6, 2019.

FREIA Music has announced the release of ‘Esoteric Euphony’ by Han Uil. Most of you may know Han as the frontman of TumbleTown (and before that Antares and Seven Day Hunt).

‘Esoteric Euphony’ is Han’s fourth solo album and will be released on FREIA Music on June 6, 2019. Please have a listen to the preview of the album.

‘Esoteric Euphony is available for pre-order as of now!

MARCH 2019

27 mar 2019

Vetrar Draugurinn releases third video from ‘Hinterlands’.

‘Twelfth Night’ is the third video taken from the album that will be released tomorrow via Painted Bass Records.

22 mar 2019

Belgian melodic rock band Beyond The Labyrinth signs with Freya Records.

Beyond The Labyrinth, one of Belgium’s longest lasting rock bands, signs with Freya Records for the release of their upcoming EP, Brand New Start. It is literally a brand new start for the melodic rock band that have released 4 full length albums since 1996.

A couple of months ago they announced that Filip Lemmens (ex-Double Diamond, ex Fireforce, a.o.) will join them as vocalist to complete their line-up that consists of founder-guitarist Geert Fieuw, Sjoerd Bruyneel (keyboards), Wilfried Kiekens (bass guitar) & Michel Lodder (drums).

The EP will consist of four tracks recorded with this line-up to re-introduce the band to the public. During 2019 the band plan both to perform live as to work on their 5th full length album.

14 mar 2019

Ann My Guard announces spring tour 2019

The Hungarian Alternative metalband will support Maiden United at their south European tour through Portugal, Spain & Italy. After that the band will return to the Netherlands to add some more dates to the tour.

More dates will be announ ced at a later date!

8 mar 2019

Inventions announce the release of their new album ‘Logica’, to be released on April 15 through FREIA Music.

‘LOGICA’ is the third album in the INVENTIONS series. Featuring Theo Travis (Steven Wilson, Robert Fripp, Soft Machine, David Gilmour) on saxophones and flute, the Rotterdam-based DOT Quartet on strings, and narrations by Andy Rowe (The Room), this is probably my most ambitious album since The Black Codex.

Recorded in two separate churches, an empty theater, a coffee roastary, two studio’s and a living room, ‘LOGICA’ has a symphonic, orchestral sound with influences of Mike Oldfield, early King Crimson and Steve Reich. It is the sound of a big ensemble playing live, with a very organic approach.

“I designed this album to work like a musical documentary, in which narrations and music are intertwined, both exploring and exemplifying the same concepts in their own language. Lyrics and improvisations provide another level of understanding, through metaphor, mystery and intuition.
As such, thinking and feeling are represented as two sides of the same coin. The result is an immersive concept album about the deep links between mathematics, logic, language, perception, art and physics.”

The album cover is painted by the brilliant Marcus Sprigens.

1. Platonics (2:30)
2. Logica (15:25)
3. Mind of God (5:04)
4. Beholder’s Eye (7:01)
5. Three Worlds, Three Mysteries (5:43)
6. Citadels (5:12)
7. The Sum of All Things (13:19)

Listen to a snippet from the album here.

The album is of now available for pre-order.

8 mar 2019

Vetrar Draugurinn release new video from their upcoming album ‘Hinterlands’.

‘The Wolves at the Door’ is the third track from the album that is now available. It contains beautiful footage of the inspirational Icelandic nature.

‘Hinterlands’ will be released on 28 March, 2019 on Painted Bass Records.

8 mar 2019

In Motion releases lyric video ‘Thrive’from their new album ‘Thriving Force’.

Tom comments: “Thrive was conceived as a powerful, upbeat, energetic and generally uplifiting kind of song. Musically, the track reels you this way and that, moving rapidly through a plethora of riffs, tempos and key changes.”

‘Thriving Forces’ was released on Freya Records on 22 February.

8 mar 2019

Autumn release a new lyric video from their album ‘Stacking Smoke’.

‘Cyanide Sky’ is taken from the succesful album and is actually the first track the band created for this album.

5 mar 2019

Golden Caves release the fourth videoclip taken from their performance at Progdreams last year.

‘Keep Running’ is the last clip to be released in a series of 4 live videoclips. 

You can watch all four videoclips here.

4 mar 2019

Ann My Guard receives two Metal Awards nominations for their album ‘Moira’.

The band have been nominated for both the ‘Best Album’ award as the ‘Best Album Cover’ award at the prestigious Hungarian Metal Awards.

The nominations have been given by representatives of the 10 most important Hungarian magazines/webzines.

More info on the awards you can find here.

2 mar 2019

Skylake release live video of ‘The Storm’.

Only 5 days after recording the live show of their album release the band present a live video of one of the album tracks.


17 feb 2019

Dutch Music Works acquires Phaedra CD from Klassieke C0ncerten vzw

As of February 15, 2019, the Dutch label service provider will take over all activities of the Belgian label for classical music Phaedra CD. By this acquisition the availability of the complete Phaedra CD catalogue will be guaranteed in the future. Furthermore, new productions will be added to the catalogue. The productions scheduled for 2019 will be issued as planned. The driving force behind and initiator of Phaedra CD, Luc Famaey will remain committed to this.

Check out the catalogue at the Phaedra CD website

12 feb 2019

Hitherside release first videoclip from their upcoming album ‘Blue Lotus’

Hitherside have released the videoclip from the title-track taken from their sophomore album ‘Blue Lotus’.

‘Blue Lotus’ will be released on Painted Bass Records on 28 March 2019. The album is available for pre-orders via bandcamp.

1 feb 2019

Golden Caves release live videoclip of ‘My Demons Hunt’.

This is the third videoclip form their performance at the Progdreams festival in De Boerderij, Zoetermeer in 2018. 


30 jan 2019

Shadowrise introduces their new bass player: Roman Potasse.

Roman actually is a founding member of the band and replces previous bas player Appie Kalaç. Roman performed on our debut EP “Escape from Shadow Island” as guitarist & screamer. Now he is back as the iron backbone of the band.

A short statement from Roman on Facebook: “Shadowrise has seen many changes, I am back and here to stay. I’m also very excited about my new role as bassist, which gives me a different view on our music. Let’s get back to work and steer the band to the top.”.

25 jan 2019

Exclusive Listening Part & Press Event for In Motion’s New album ‘Thriving Force’

On Thursday 21 February — one day before the release of In Motion’s debut album ‘Thriving Force’ — the band will be hosting a listening party and press event at the beautiful Crossover Music Pub in Langerbrugge (Gent)!

Aside from hearing the album in full that night and being able to purchase the record one day before the official street date, we’ll be playing lyric videos, giving members of the press the chance to interview us, and — of course — making sure everyone has a grand old time 🙂

Entrance is -naturally- FREE, so come on down if you’re up for an evening of heavy Prog Metal with great vibes, great drinks, and a great time!

Facebook event

24 jan 2019



Check out the album on your favourite platformOr buy it directly.

23 jan 2019

Hitherside will release their sophomore album ‘Blue Lotus’ on March 30, 2019 at Peir Oan in Mol [Belgium].

Belgian/American prog metal outfit ‘Hitherside’ will release the album ‘Blue Lotus’ on March 28 on Painted Bass Records. The release will be celebrated with a live concert with special guests Nightqueen and Resurrect Tomorrow.

More live dates have already been announced.

14 jan 2019

Vetrar Draugurinn releases first lyric video from their upcoming album ‘Hinterlands’.

The band releases the video clip for the title track of the album which will be released on 28 March, 2019 on Painted Bass Records.

11 jan 2019

Semistereo reveal the artwork for their upcoming album ‘Zabriskii’.

Zabriskii is a refreshing crossover between Post and Progressive Rock.  Strong melodies, organic grooves, subtle atmospheric soundscapes and biting voluminous eruptions. At times whimsical and unpredictable, but always “in your face”. In their lyrics, themes like social alienation and the horrors of technological progress are not shunned.  

More details about the album and it release on FREIA Music will follow soon…

2 jan 2019

FREIA Music celebrates its 35th anniversary starting with the re-release of ‘At Last… The Tale and other stories’ by The Last Detail.

The 2CD version of the album contains all tracks recorded by the band between 1987 and 1991. All tracks have been restored from the original digital sources and remastered by Daan Janzing at ‘In The Room Studios’.

The album is scheduled for release on 1st February, 2019 and is available for pre-orders via bandcamp.


31 dec 2018

Sky Architect receive iO Pages Award 2018.

The band won the award for their album ‘Nomad’ which “The album sounds fresh, energetic, groovy, invented, inventive, daring and passionate and has a pleasant balance of complex composition and strong melodies.” according to the jury report.

The band received the award at the Crosslands Festival from iO Pages’ Freek Wolff.

19 dec 2018

Vetrar Draugurinn announces the release show for their upcoming album ‘Hinterlands’ (set for a March 28th release)

A very special CD release show will take place on Sunday March 31st, 2019 at Willemeen, Arnhem.

The day will see 2 bands in support (which will be announced soon as well). It is prone to become a more than memorable evening with a special setlist and special guests.

Go to the facebook event

14 dec 2018

Ann my Guard release new videoclip form ‘Moira’.

The Hungarian band ‘Ann my Guard’ returned from their tour not to sit back and relax but to produce a new videoclip. ‘The Day I Die’  is the third videoclip and features live and backstage footage of the band during their tour earlier this year.

6 dec 2018

Vetrar Draugurinn reveal cover artwork of Hinterlands.

The artwork is made by Gogo Melone of Gogo Melone ART. Besides an incredible singer (w/ funeral doom greats Aeonian Sorrow), and a dear friend, she’s also an awesome graphic designer and artist. She really outdid herself with the epic and dark imagery she conjured up to represent our collection of melancholic songs.

Hinterlands is scheduled for release on March 28, 2019 on Painted Bass Records

6 dec 2018

Jimmy Feld joins live line-up op Skylake.

Guitarist Jimmy Feld has been added to the live line-up of Skylake. The band states: “He will be playing the second guitar as well as doubling the ammount of hair on stage!” Jimmy is the brother of bass player Charlie Feld of the band.

The debut album of Skylake is scheduled for release on February 14, 2019 on FREIA Music.


30 nov 2018

Dutch alternative progressive rockband Skylake sign to FREIA Music for their debut album.

The band are yet another example that modern progressive music is still alive in the Netherlands! ‘In Orbit’ is a 7 track album. The first single ‘Haste’ will be released on all major digital platfoms on 8 Dec 2018.

Although the band is new and the menbers quite young (20-23 yrs) both brothers Laan have already found a place in the Dutch progressive scene. Bart has been playing guitar live with Silhouette for a couple of years now, his brother Arjan was the drummer on the second album of TumbleTown ‘Never Too Late’.
Vocalist/harpist Suzan van den Engel and bassist Charlie Feld complete the line-up of the band

The album ‘In Orbit’ will be released on 14 Feb 2019 and is already available for pre-order @ https://skylakeband.bandcamp.com.

PS: Even the photos show this is a modern setup as we received two signatures digitally as the band members are roaming the earth at the moment. But they will join each other on stage for the release show in mid February!

29 nov 2018

Hitherside sign with Painted Bass Records for their upcoming album.

Belgian American band Hitherside has joined the Painted Bass family to release their upcoming, second album. It’s the follow up album to their self entitled debut ‘Hitherside’.

Hitherside is – as they descrive themselves – one singing, American red-head and one very talented Belgian multi-instrumentalist bond together to create infectious songs containing amazing guitar riffs, textures and memorable melodies with big doses of lush harmonies mixed in.

The band are currently mixing the new album that is scheduled for release in the second part of March. The band also plan releaseshows to celebrate the release.

More info on the band on http://www.hitherside.com/

19 nov 2018

23 Acez release live video of ‘Evolution’.

On 21 July 23 Ace performed at the Old Chapel in Lokeren [BE]. This special location demanded a video recording of the whole show. This video is the first result

8 nov 2018

Kay Bouten joins Armed Cloud.

Armed Cloud has found a replacement for their guitarist Wouter van der Veen who announced his departure from the band 3 months ago.

With Kay joining the band the line up is complete again and the band hope to introduce him soon to the public on stage.

6 nov 2018

Belgian metal bands have a message for Trump!

The Belgian metal band Hell City will release a new video for their song ‘Bogus POTUS’. A lot of prominent names from the Belgian metal scene joined in to shoot the video, such as Franky De smet-Van Damme (Channel Zero), Fleddy Melculy and more lead singers from Bark, King Hiss, BEAR, Dyscordia, Bliksem among others.

‘Bogus POTUS’ features on the earlier released 4th album ‘Flesh & Bones’. Although not quite representative of the rest of the album, the band claims to have a good reason for its release today:

We’ve tried to capture the tiny bit of satire possible with a character like Trump in ‘Bogus POTUS’. If reality beats every grotesque joke, it becomes grim, exactly what every reliable news source overseas is telling us. Will we witness the predicted Blue Wave or a rather Terrible Tuesday? Midterms or not, Trump had this one coming: here’s ‘Bogus POTUS’.

5 nov 2018

Golden Caves releases ‘When the Rain Falls’.

Dutch progressive rock band Golden Caves have released a second live video after their return from their succesful UK tour.

‘When the Rain Falls’ was filmed and recorded during the Progdreams festival earlier this year and is the second of four tracks to be released on video.

1 nov 2018

Yazmine Park Festival moved

Yazmine Park, the acoustic festival in Tilburg has announced that the 2018 edition is moved to 29 March, 2019. This edition was dubbed ‘the tribute edition’ with Snake Bite Love (Metallica) and Meat Love (Meatloaf) already announced.
As Maiden uniteD (Iron Maiden) were alreday scheduled to play that date it is safe to assume they will complete the line-up.


23 oct 2018

Infloyd announces partnership with Ruhrgold beer breweries.

Ruhrgold is a new and ambitious Dutch brewery that supports (music) events in the Netherlands. They have started their partnership with a nice offer for the Infloyd show in AFAS Live – Amsterdam.

Get your tickets here.

17 oct 2018

The Greek formation Poem has joined forces with JBM Events as their official representative. More and exiting news soon!

15 oct 2018

Autumn signs deal with Painted Bass Records for the release of their sixth album.

Dutch heavy rock formation Autumn return after nearly 8 years with the release of ‘Stacking Smoke’ on 24 January, 2019.

Last weekend the band performed for the first time in 3 years at FemME in their new line-up: Marjan Welman (vocals), Jan Munnik (keyboards), Mats van der Valk (guitar), Jens van der Valk (guitar), Ronald Landa (guitar), Maurice vd Es (bass) & Jan Grijpstra (drums).

The album will be released with two release shows in De Peppel, Zeist (26 jan) & Vera, Groningen (1 feb)

15 oct 2018

Vetrar Draugurinn signs deal with Painted Bass Records for their first full length album.

The album of the Dutch Melancholic Metallers will be released in Spring 2019. Vetrar Draugurinn is the vehicle of the song writing of Eric Hazebroek who formed the band together with Thomas Cochrane,  Arjan Heijden, Jim van de Kerkhof and Marjan Welman.

Before the release you have the opportunity to see the band live in Amersfoort (3 nov) and Budel-Dorplein (30 dec – acoustic gig).

The contract was signed last Saturday at the FemME festival where the announcement was made that JBM Bookings will do all bookings for Vetrar Draugurinn.

11 oct 2018

Out today:
Check out the album on your favourite platformOr buy it directly.

11 oct 2018

Out today:
Love Evolution by Sounds of September. 

Check out the album on your favourite platform. Or buy it directly.

11 oct 2018
Out today:
Check out the album on your favourite platformOr buy it directly.


23 sep 2018

Golden Caves release the first of four live videos from the 2018 Progdreams festival.

Golden Caves (FREIA Music) have released the  live video of ‘Paradox’ last weekend. This is the first of 4 tracks that will be released from the showed they played earlier this year in Zoetermeer at the Progdreams Festival in de Boerderij.

20 sep 2018

The Overview Effect by Jet Black Sea released today on  FREIA Music.

Check the album out on spotify!
or get your copy here.

20 sep 2018

Flesh & Bones by Hell City released today on Painted Bass Records.

Check out the album on spotify!

or get your copy here

18 sep 2018

Playgrounded vocalist Stavros Markonis releases first soundtrack album “Music from the telefilm GELUKZOEKERS”.

The soundtrack is composed by Stavros and  performed by Cinemble. Stavros himself plays all guitars, piano and all programming.  The 19 tracks are available on all major digital platforms and is released by  Riva Media records.

17 sep 2018

Second single ‘Supernatural’ released from the forthcoming album by Hell City.

The Belgian symfonic metal band Hell City (Painted Bass Records) has released the second single from thie upcoming album Flesh & Bones (release date 20 september).

Where the first video for “Your Darkest Hour”  is a little more dark and aggressive, “Supernatural” is a more catchy and straightforward song, created to get your heads banging.

Just like the first video, Supernatural was shot by Panda Productions (Epica, Ayreon, Aborted, Lacuna Coil…).

17 sep 2018

Powerized announces Japanese tour.

The Dutch power metal band Powerized (Painted Bass Records) have announce a 3 day tour in Japan following the Japanese release of their debut album ‘The Mirror’s Eye’ via Rubicon Music. The album will be released on 26 September. The Band will tour Japan in December

See below.

17 sep 2018

Maiden uniteD announces Sailers of the Sky tour.

Maiden uniteD (Yazmine Park) will tour Europe in March and April 2019. Shows in the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland and England have been  announced in March and April 2019

see below

13 sep 2018

Ann my Guard releases video clip of ‘Echo’.

The Hungarian female fronted metal band Ann my Guard have released a videoclip of the second single ‘Echo’ of their upcoming album on YouTube.

The album will be released on 11 October. If you pre-order the album now you will receive an immediate download of the current 2 singles of the album, ‘Echo’ and ‘Sacred I’.

Order now on bandcamp

13 sep 2018

Louis van der Linden is announced as the new drummer of Quantum Fantay

Drummer of the Belgian progressive metal band 23 Acez (Freya Records) is announced as the new drummer of the progressive space rock band Quantum Fantay. He replaces Gino Bartolini who announced his departure last week. 

Louis was a natural choice after filling in at the last minute at one of the previous live gigs of the band

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10 sep 2018

Semistereo completes the line up of Planet Pul on 21 sep 2018.

With the announcement of Semistereo (FREIA Music) the line up for the Planet Pul festival is complete. Planet Pul takes place at De Pul in Uden where next to Semistereo All Points North and Arcane Roots will perform.

Event info

7 sep 2018

Armed Cloud announces departure of founder and lead guitarist Wouter van der Veen. 

Dutch symfonic metal band Armed Cloud (Freya Records) have published an offical announcement on Facebook stating that Wouter van der Veen will be leaving the band.

It is stated that the split is amicable but that Wouter is pursueing other musical endavours that no longer with with his work with the band. The band will start looking for a replacement guitarist for Wouter soon.

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23 aug 2018

Beneath My Sins anounces the release of their sophomore album on 14 April 2019.

The French symfonic metal band Beneath My Sins (Painted Bass Records) have announced the date for the release show of the yet untitled  second album of the band.

This new album wil not be released on Painted Bass Records. The band and the label have decided to part ways. We wish the band all the success they deserve.

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