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14 mar 2019

Ann My Guard announces spring tour 2019

The Hungarian Alternative metalband will support Maiden United at their south European tour through Portugal, Spain & Italy. After that the band will return to the Netherlands to add some more dates to the tour.

More dates will be announ ced at a later date!

8 mar 2019

Inventions announce the release of their new album ‘Logica’, to be released on April 15 through FREIA Music.

‘LOGICA’ is the third album in the INVENTIONS series. Featuring Theo Travis (Steven Wilson, Robert Fripp, Soft Machine, David Gilmour) on saxophones and flute, the Rotterdam-based DOT Quartet on strings, and narrations by Andy Rowe (The Room), this is probably my most ambitious album since The Black Codex.

Recorded in two separate churches, an empty theater, a coffee roastary, two studio’s and a living room, ‘LOGICA’ has a symphonic, orchestral sound with influences of Mike Oldfield, early King Crimson and Steve Reich. It is the sound of a big ensemble playing live, with a very organic approach.

“I designed this album to work like a musical documentary, in which narrations and music are intertwined, both exploring and exemplifying the same concepts in their own language. Lyrics and improvisations provide another level of understanding, through metaphor, mystery and intuition.
As such, thinking and feeling are represented as two sides of the same coin. The result is an immersive concept album about the deep links between mathematics, logic, language, perception, art and physics.”

The album cover is painted by the brilliant Marcus Sprigens.

1. Platonics (2:30)
2. Logica (15:25)
3. Mind of God (5:04)
4. Beholder’s Eye (7:01)
5. Three Worlds, Three Mysteries (5:43)
6. Citadels (5:12)
7. The Sum of All Things (13:19)

Listen to a snippet from the album here.

The album is of now available for pre-order.

8 mar 2019

Vetrar Draugurinn release new video from their upcoming album ‘Hinterlands’.

‘The Wolves at the Door’ is the third track from the album that is now available. It contains beautiful footage of the inspirational Icelandic nature.

‘Hinterlands’ will be released on 28 March, 2019 on Painted Bass Records.

8 mar 2019

In Motion releases lyric video ‘Thrive’from their new album ‘Thriving Force’.

Tom comments: “Thrive was conceived as a powerful, upbeat, energetic and generally uplifiting kind of song. Musically, the track reels you this way and that, moving rapidly through a plethora of riffs, tempos and key changes.”

‘Thriving Forces’ was released on Freya Records on 22 February.

8 mar 2019

Autumn release a new lyric video from their album ‘Stacking Smoke’.

‘Cyanide Sky’ is taken from the succesful album and is actually the first track the band created for this album.

5 mar 2019

Golden Caves release the fourth videoclip taken from their performance at Progdreams last year.

‘Keep Running’ is the last clip to be released in a series of 4 live videoclips. 

You can watch all four videoclips here.

4 mar 2019

Ann My Guard receives two Metal Awards nominations for their album ‘Moira’.

The band have been nominated for both the ‘Best Album’ award as the ‘Best Album Cover’ award at the prestigious Hungarian Metal Awards.

The nominations have been given by representatives of the 10 most important Hungarian magazines/webzines.

More info on the awards you can find here.

2 mar 2019

Skylake release live video of ‘The Storm’.

Only 5 days after recording the live show of their album release the band present a live video of one of the album tracks.